Key Overview

General Overview:
The Key Business Enhancement Program is a very flexible program designed to provide assistance to existing business of typically 3-20 employees generally the product is divided into two distinct services:

  • Business Friend: This service is based on the research that shows that the owners/managers of small to medium businesses often have the desire to have an independent person/ Mentor they can confidently discuss aspects of their business be they issues or opportunities and explore possible solutions to the benefit of the business. The Key Business Enhancement Program has Mentors with a wide range of business experience across many industries. The allocation of a suitable Mentor is undertaken after an assessment of the owner/managers needs and is reviewed periodically to ensure that changing circumstances do not mean a need for a change of Mentor. The service will be tailored to the individual requirements and expectations of the business as agreed by the Program and Mentor.
  • Business Improvement: This service is designed to assist existing businesses with issues and/or opportunities to:
    • Qualify and Quantify the Issue and/or Opportunity: This is achieved by conducting an independent health check of the business to establish a baseline of the business;
    • Future Outcomes: using the baseline then the options for the future are discussed and recorded;
    • Action Plan: with the guidance of the Mentor and assistance from professionals where appropriate, an action plan is agreed with key measurable milestones and timelines;
    • Implementation: The business implements the Action Plan with the guidance of the Mentor;
    • Review: Regular reviews are carried out against the key measurable milestones with the Mentor and where appropriate adjustments are made to the Action Plan to accommodate unforseen events and changes to the environment.
    • Qualify: At the end of the Action Plan a further independent health check on the business is carried out to give an independent verification of the Action Plan.


    Participants Obligations: Any business or person joining the Key Development Program do have obligations to the Program to access its benefits these include:

    • Joining the Association, cost $25 per annum;
    • Agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Program
    • Agree to pay a monthly fee of $265, or $115 session fee including GST, while they participate in the program to help offset the costs of providing the Program.

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