Edmund Barton

Welcome to the Edmund Barton Centre

The Edmund Barton Centre has been created to help sustain economies across regional Australia. It achieves this by providing assistance to new start up and existing businesses.

The Edmund Barton Centre has decided that due to the current situation with respect to the COVID-19 to temporarily close its office. We will still offer business Mentoring via non face to face methods. For further information please give us a call on 0478 397 861.

The role as a champion of Business Excellence will continue to grow and expand the region’s economic capability.

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Our Programs

The Business Elevator are specific programs and events that are designed to Take Business To The Next Level

The Startup program is designed to assist aspiring business owners during the startup and formation stages of their enterprise.

The Key program is designed to provide assistance to existing business managers / owners. The assistance is based around the provision of...

The Vision for “Inspire Creating a Business Friendly Environment ” is:
To establish a strategic partnership of compatible business, industry...