Welcome to the Inspire Program

The Edmund Barton Centre’s Inspire Program is about driving new innovation through encouraging new industries to locate in the region and the expansion/enhancement of existing industries. The role as a champion of Business Excellence will continue to grow and expand the region’s economic capability.

It is proposed that regional growth potential will be achieved by working closely with participating local Councils, educational institutions, business organisation and communities in general to support their research and proposals to bring new businesses together with internal growth to the region and hence the economical benefits that flow to the community.

The Vision for “Inspire” is:

To establish a strategic partnership of compatible business, industry and research organisations, that serves to create innovative approaches to specific research findings that can be commercialised and implemented across the eastern regional corridor.
To expand Edmund Barton Centre service delivery and commercialisation of research findings across the eastern regional corridor. The NBN is seen as a critical component of this implementation.

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This program is fantastic, thank you TAFE, the Chamber of Commerce and PMHC for supporting such a program, I have never come across such a program... (more)

This program is fantastic