Testimonial of Robyn Dawson

As a beneficiary of the service provided to new start up businesses by the Start Up Business Development Program, I am happy to provide a testimonial to the uniqueness that the program offers to new start up enterprises. The guidance and direction given by yourself and the mentors of the program provide an insight and guidance that is not available anywhere else in this form and particularly at no cost to the start up entity.
This program offers a rare opportunity to the beneficiary to access years of experience provided by the mentors to their industry classification and in my case the network opportunities and contacts provided to me by the mentors and yourself have been invaluable.
The training, guidance and roll modeling on business communication matters eg. presentations, interview techniques and identification of appropriate responses in business situations I believe are excellent examples of the skills required by all business entities and in many cases would not have been a skill that many new start up enterprises would have had any experience in.
After many years in business administration I found this program to be unique and adaptable to the needs of the entities that the program is designed to help and I would highly recommend and support the continuation and expansion of this program to other locations and the wider community.
I wish the Start Up Business Development Program every success in the future.

Robyn Dawson