Caleb Rose

My goal is to foster and enhance great relationships with customers and the whole community by openly engaging, listening and responding efficiently to ensure that customers always have positive experiences and achieve great outcomes.

I have extensive training and senior management experience in retail, hospitality, clubs and community organisations. Previous role was General Manager at Port Macquarie Golf Club, widely recognised as the region's number one Golf Club. The Club enjoyed significant growth under my leadership, including 11% growth in gross revenue for 2 consecutive years, returning the Club to a healthy trading position.

I pride myself on my ability to nurture and develop great culture. Particular strength in fostering and maintaining strong relationships with customers, staff, key stakeholders and the wider community. I communicate effectively with people from all walks of life in all situations; I have extensive experience with public speaking and addressing large and small groups, on a range of topics. I am passionate in my beliefs and able to convey my ideas effectively to others. I am equally able to understand and embrace the ideas of others.

I am constantly seeking and developing new strategies to improve the way business is conducted, with the aim of continually improving service, value and the customer experience, while at the same time increasing profitability and viability. I am committed to sustainability and have introduced numerous programs to reduce energy and resource consumption.

Specialties: Senior management, strategic and business planning, compliance, sustainability, corporate governance, customer and community services, administration, operations, financial management, human resources, gaming, food & beverage, entertainment and marketing.