Press Release 22/10/12 - How's Business?

Date of Release: 
Monday, October 22, 2012

How’s Business

It is no secret that the business environment has changed with some businesses struggling to keep pace. It is even more challenging for new businesses with statistics showing up to 80% of new business ventures failing within their first 12 months.

“When you consider that small business is the largest employer in our area, it is clear that when business struggles it affects the whole community” said Simon Brown Client Manager for Edmund Barton Centre.

The Edmund Barton Centre is a not for profit organisation that provides business assistance to both start up and established businesses.

“Many in business know the benefits from Coaching, Mentoring and Revitalising, but the reality is only a few seek it, and they are always the successful businesses” said Mr Brown

The Edmund Barton Centre harnesses the knowledge and skills of experienced business people to assist business owner’s fine tune and supplement their own skills to be better prepared in meeting the challenges of an ever changing business world.

To further assist business owners, the Edmund Barton Centre has launched a new initiative called “How’s Business” which is directed at business owners who may be keen to take a closer look at some of the issues that are currently affecting their business and to provide some practical help and assistance.

To find out more about the Edmund Barton Centre and it’s programs you can either log on to or or contact your local Client Manager Simon Brown on 0407 966 194

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Simon Brown
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