Great Lakes

What isn’t there to love about the Great Lakes? It has something for everyone. Many people visit the Great Lakes and think ‘Hey, what an amazing place to live’, and it is! Proximity to major cities and markets, ease of access, excellent health and education facilities and of course, the outstanding natural environment are just some of the many reasons for this. Scratch the surface of the Great Lakes and you will find a thriving and sustainable business community and a wide variety of exciting industries and business opportunities.

This website has been developed by Great Lakes Council to help existing and potential business owners gather information about the Great Lakes region. There also many case studies and quotes featured throughout the website from real people who run real businesses and are living their dream in the Great Lakes.

The Edmund Barton Centre is proud to be able to offer its Programs to the Great Lakes & Manning Valley Communities. Our Client Manager, Sally Reed is looking forward to meeting you call 0407 966 194.

Our Programs

The Startup program is designed to assist aspiring business owners during the startup and formation stages of their enterprise.

The Key program is designed to provide assistance to existing business managers / owners. The assistance is based around the provision of...

The Vision for “Inspire Creating a Business Friendly Environment ” is:
To establish a strategic partnership of compatible business, industry...



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